What is a “modern” spiritualist anyway?

As my page title suggests, I’m here to talk about spirituality, specifically, “modern” spirituality. So, what do I mean by that? I’ll answer by posing a few questions first. What is a spiritual person supposed to look like? How should they speak, act, or live? What foods should they eat? Chances are, you’re picturing someone who is vegetarian, who wears psychedelic print clothing, enjoys drum circles and practices yoga every Monday. Just like you, I used to hold an image of the spiritualist much like this. Now, while there is absolutely nothing “wrong with” or unspiritual about the person I just described, I am here to share my spiritual journey with you as it seems that my experiences challenge some of that “spiritualist” architype. If you are a business person, a scientist, or a yogi, come in as I explore my life in search of the many modern faces of spirituality!

What’s in my blog?

My intentions for this blog are both personal and communicative, whereby I fuel discussions about spirituality in our world today. I seek to explore the diversity of spirituality by virtue of exploring my life within the context of our societies. Here, I have divided my content into two pages, and are defined as follows:

Who am I Spiritually?

This page contains my spiritual path from early childhood to present. It’s more of a “spiritual autobiography.” I share my story for two reasons: One, because its cathartic, and two, because of a belief I hold- that authenticity yields true connection. Feel free to connect withe me by leaving a comment on any of the posts on this page. This connection will surely fuel all of our expansion!

My Perspective

In this page, I  post a large variety of content. Here I have a running update of new spiritually-related ideas, personal endeavors and experiences. Feel free to reflect on these posts in their respective comments sections. I am conscious that what I share is my perspective, but I am always looking for new ones to explore! This exchange benefits us all!



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