Manifesting my Reiki training!

I finally got my Master Reiki/Teacher Certification. How this came to be still amazes me. The completion of this milestone is truly an example of how thought leads to manifestation.

To explain this journey, I will take you back to the time when I started to dive deeper into my meditative practice. I had been exploring many styles of meditation (thoughtfulness meditations, fixed-point meditations, meditations used to open up states of allowing, etc.). In my exploration, two things happened: one, many of my gifts began to awaken and two, I quickly began to spiral into a spiritual crisis because I did not know what was going on. I began seeing images, forms, spirit guides, etc. and had no idea what was going on. I had panic attacks and ended up in the emergency room. So, the next logical step for me to take was to go see a psychiatrist.

At my first visit, I explained to my psychiatrist what I had been experiencing. In my panic, I told her to “take me away in a straight jack now if I am going crazy.”

After a long conversation during intake, I asked her to assess if I was bipolar, or schizophrenic, or if I suffered from dissociative identity disorder. “I would rather know if I was sick so that I could get treatment an begin to function normally again.” By this point, many aspects of my life were being affected, including my ability to focus at work and my ability to get restful sleep.

She simply said, “I just did. All of the questions I have been asking you during our intake were to assess for those pathologies.”

She reassured me that if I was intentionally seeking greater spiritual awakening, then the extrasensory events I was experiencing were to be expected. She advised me to seek out counseling for coping tools and sent me on my way with Xanax for the panic attacks caused by the crisis.

Oddly enough, this news made me feel less unhinged. I actually felt relief! So, I began to commit to my meditative practice even more so as to follow-through and gain clarity on the things I was experiencing.

Looking back, there was one meditation that really let the extrasensory flood gates open. It was a third eye (6th Chakra) activation meditation. It was through this meditation that I realized that had a penchant for energy healing. I developed a tingling sensation at my fingertips. After some research, I found that this feeling was common with energy healers.

Here’s where the manifestation came into play. I decided to seek out some formal training on energy healing so that I could learn what was going on with me, and how to “control” these sensations. I had my heart set on Reiki because, at the time, I didn’t know of any other healing modality. When I looked into Reiki training courses, I found the cost to be hundreds of dollars for each of the three Reiki levels. I decided to just be patient and train when the opportunity arose.

Then It did! I found a wonderful course online that was on sale and was affordable. I was able to work at my pace, get my attunements, and get materials for starting my own teaching and Reiki practice.

You may wonder why I would share this journey with you. I guess it’s because I want to rejoice in this manifestation and showcase it as evidence of the Law of Attraction. Through this experience I realized that manifestation occurs when one releases resistance to something wanted. In other words, my job was to have a desire, release resistance to that desire, and then enjoy the manifestation of my desire. It was not my job to determine HOW the manifestation was going to occur. That job belonged to, and still does belong to, the universe. For me, my Reiki training and certification actualized through an in-depth online course that was affordable and fit within my schedule to take. I could not have predicted this to be the way in which I would transform into a more sensitive energy channel! All I know is that I am now able to practice an energy healing modality I love whilst learning more about myself and this reality we live in.

Happy manifesting everyone!


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