Persistence, in the truest sense, is an act of power and courage. It is an action inspired by light, love, joy and hope. It is the thing we embody INTENTIONALLY when the mud kicks up in our respective puddles in life, and is the thing we do INSTINCTIVELY as a beautiful act of self-love and … More Persistence

Are you afraid of rejection? (How to solve this problem!)

Imagine that you FINALLY get the opportunity to ask the man of your dreams out on a date. You want to say “Fuck it! You only live once!” but your fear of rejection paralyzes you in mid-stride! Now, rewind a minute to the time when you began the tedious endeavor of setting up this momentous … More Are you afraid of rejection? (How to solve this problem!)


Trust is an action that is dependent on perception. The governing body here, then, is the subconscious mind- our inner child takes the wheel if, and only if, it has NOT been called to heal. It is only after the  integration of our inner child wounds that we can easily hear the refreshing voice of … More Trust


Resistance is riddled with the vibrations of density. It is why we feel stuck when we are opposing flow. Resistance communes with the feeling states of hate, resentment, doubt, loath, fear, and ambiguity. For better or for worse, it’s weightiness keeps us in place- it is a call for awareness.


Refers to a set of practices and tools that aid in elucidating intuition. They are forms of positively validating what we already know. In other words, divination serves as a vehicle for communicating our ‘clairs,’ our energetic insights, into the visible manifested reality. These modalities are yet another way of giving our inner world a … More Divination


Release is the fundamental action by which we discharge excess energy. It is an action which is indiscriminate of the type of energy in question. We can release emotional energy, physical energy, channeled energy, thought energy, and sexual energy by  means of grounding, crying, smiling, yawning, laughing, and orgasm. Despite the combination, release can be … More Release


Gratitude is not a static feeling state. It is, rather, a forward-moving emotional energy that could be harnessed as a tool. No matter how we feel, gratitude can help us bump up one notch on the emotional scale. At its purest form, gratitude vibrates with grace, light and unconditional love- this is precisely why entraining … More Gratitude


Play is an action inspired from the vibrations of happiness, levity, innocence and confidence, to name a few. Its’ shadow side presents itself a distraction from negative emotion but ultimately manifests as a way of protecting a vulnerability. Either way, we should just play when when we feel positive and integrate when negative emotion prompts … More Play


Being in a state of flow is to be in a state of non-resistance. Flow both feels like ideas are being generated by you and also channeled through you. It is full of synchronicities and yields the highest state of productivity. Aligning or being in alignment with your higher self always leads to a state … More Flow


Any combination of thought or emotion that signals an aspect of us needs or wants healing. It manifests through fear, anger, shyness, retreat, embarrassment, and/or pain. We may feel like a ‘shell of a person’ with respect to one or more areas of our life because of these feelings and thus seek to soothe ourselves … More Inadequacy