Writing my first book on Panic Attacks: How I got to this point, Coaching and Launch Team!

Okay, so I’m writing my first book. Specifically a book on panic attacks!
As you may have guessed, a whole lot of internal monologue popped up during my book-writing-decision-making process; many self-aspects decided to share their own two cents on the subject of my writing. The most common shadow that came up had to do with my many feelings of inadequacy. I had thoughts like “I’m not good enough” and like “My face isn’t handsome enough to be on the back flap copy of a book.”
After resolving those feelings, something happened. I had the realization that the information I had was really important for me to share.
I had survived a fairly chronic state of anxiety and panic and, not to be presumptuous, I know many people out there are in that same state. Although I was in an “anxiety haze” for months,  a state where most of my focus was set on my own recovery rather than on anyone elses’, I could still see that others around me were also struggling with their own version of my panic.
I remember especially seeing this at work. A co-worker of mine eventually admitted to me, after I had shared some of my techniques, that she had been trying to “keep her shit together” around the public eye for the sake of her job, family and friends. It turned out that even people in close proximity to my life were silently suffering with Panics too.

What these panics are like?

Some of you who know or knew me in those dark, anxiety-filled times can attest to how the attacks had almost vaporized my personality. I was stuck in my head and developed worry about panic.
The physical attacks themselves happened at work, on my way to work, and after work- they would happen on the weekends, at the supermarket and in my apartment complex parking lot.
They would cause chest pressure, tears, shortness of breath, and in most cases, an altogether closing of my airway. I would choke and end up with petechiae (peh-tee-kee- uh), purple spots on my face where the blood vessels ruptured from the pressure of the choke-out. One of these episodes landed me square into the emergency room with an Ativan drip.
Sometimes I couldn’t identify where they came from or what triggered them. In most cases I was left wondering what I was doing wrong. What was I doing that I kept experiencing these messy panics?
I felt quite isolated and often felt a little bit like a freak.

Now I’m writing a book!

Go figure! I stand behind my decision because I remember how debilitating and awe-consuming my panics were. So, without further delay, I will share here my book flap copy description. This is your sneak peak into the book:

Are panic attacks killing your career?                

One minute you’re on top of the world in your dream job and the next you’re pulled over on the side of the road gasping for air. Worse yet, you then start that endless cycle of shame and worry about whether your next trip is going to get you to work or to a comfy stay in the ER with an Ativan drip. Sound familiar?

Now, imagine this was not the case!  In “The Panic Attack Cure,” Ramses Rodriguez shows you how he managed to keep the career of his dreams without the pesky little fear of having to press his panic button.

In his book you’ll Learn:

  • The surprising reasons your workplace makes you panic.
  • Why your mental health is an asset to your company.
  • The current science behind anxiety and panic attacks.
  • Daily habits for managing anxiety in the workplace.
  • How to make planning your next dose of anxiety meds a thing of the past.

Join Ramses to explore how you, too, could say “bye-bye” to your panic attacks while having the career you adore!

I’m very excited to finally share this with you all!


Working with me directly in my Book Launch Beta Trial
Most of my clients now see me for body work, namely light-touch therapy in the form of Reiki Sessions. I do, however, provide consultations and coaching that incorporate many of the techniques that I used for my panic recovery. My clients have experienced great results!
For this reason, I have decided to open up a Book Launch Beta Program.
In my book I am describing all of my methods for curing panic attacks. But, I am looking for more case studies to supplement some additional points I am developing. For this reason, I have decided to offer, at a significantly discounted rate, my book companion coaching sessions as part of my Book Launch Beta Program.
In this Beta Program, not only will clients have the opportunity to get all of my techniques and resources before launch, they will in fact, help inform my book, as I still have some time before official launch and publishing!
This opportunity also allows for more one-on-one time with me. I will be tailoring and packaging up all my techniques specifically for this book and am seeking to simply “get it right” by working with my clients as much as I need to in order to ensue their recovery.
Because of this, I am looking for individuals who really want to step into working on their panics now. If this is something you are interested in, follow theses simple steps:
  1. Join my Book Launch Team called “The Panic Attack Cure (Book Launch Team).” on Facebook.
  2. Once in the launch team, send me a message requesting the link to my calendar to book a Beta Trial Interview to see if we’re a match to work together.

You may also get in contact with me via email in my blog!

Thank you all in advance for your support on my journey and enjoy the FREEBIES available to you when you join my Launch Team!



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