What’s in my blog?

My intentions for this blog are both personal and communicative, whereby I fuel discussions about spirituality in our world today. I seek to explore the diversity of spirituality by virtue of exploring my life within the context of our societies. Here, I have divided my content into two pages, and are defined as follows:

Who am I Spiritually?

This page contains my spiritual path from early childhood to present. It’s more of a “spiritual autobiography.” I share my story for two reasons: One, because its cathartic, and two, because of a belief I hold- that authenticity yields true connection. Feel free to connect withe me by leaving a comment on any of the posts on this page. This connection will surely fuel all of our expansion!

My Perspective

In this page, I  post a large variety of content. Here I have a running update of new spiritually-related ideas, personal endeavors and experiences. Feel free to reflect on these posts in their respective comments sections. I am conscious that what I share is my perspective, but I am always looking for new ones to explore! This exchange benefits us all!