Being in a state of flow is to be in a state of non-resistance. Flow both feels like ideas are being generated by you and also channeled through you. It is full of synchronicities and yields the highest state of productivity. Aligning or being in alignment with your higher self always leads to a state … More Flow


Any combination of thought or emotion that signals an aspect of us needs or wants healing. It manifests through fear, anger, shyness, retreat, embarrassment, and/or pain. We may feel like a ‘shell of a person’ with respect to one or more areas of our life because of these feelings and thus seek to soothe ourselves … More Inadequacy


Assumed to be the absence of movement. If treated so, nothing positive OR negative happens, just idleness with no direction. Stillness is more like a powerful tool, that when used, helps us find clarity to take inspired action. Stillness is merely the conscious observation of our surrounding, an action that lets the mud settle around … More Stillness


We are damned if we express reactivity and damned if we don’t. Part of us hates that we react, part of us hates the shame of be seen as losing control, and part of us needs to tell someone to ‘fuck off!’ The truth is that our ego is not the enemy here. There is … More Reactivity


In physics, powers is defined as the amount of work performed in a measured period of time. So, ask yourself “what aspects of my life are ‘working’ for me and which are ‘working’ against me?” Then realize that “stepping into your power” looks like this: more aspects of your life work FOR you than AGAINST … More Power


The definition of anxiety is the inability to be present in the moment. It is the combination of emotions we experience when we think the “what-ifs” about the past and the “what-ifs” about the future. It is the feeling state we find ourselves in when we chronically entertain the story about a person, situation or … More Anxiety


This is an example of an emotional texture. This texture could be applied to both positive and negative emotions. You can have a harsh happiness and a soft happiness, a harsh anger and a a soften version too. Knowing how to describe our emotional textures helps us with conflict resolution, both internally and with respect … More Softness


Often times we seek to be independent! Realize the part of you that seeks independence and then be honest with yourself to determine what it is that you truly want to be independent from. Understand that ‘thing’ and you will be moving closer towards your independence. Notice that usually we want to be independent from … More Independence


This action is quite the shape-shifter. A laugh welcomes a positive emotion but it can also introduce some of the most conniving intentions. Our intuition can always sift through the bullshit covered by a smile. Are we brave enough to listen to it? Either way, keep laughing! It just feels good!