Rejection is simply the act of communicating an acknowledged incompatibility. We fear rejection only when it triggers our feelings of insecurity inside. If we feel panicked at the thought of rejection, we are being called to understand emotions centered around the thought “I’m not good enough.” Advertisements


Trust is an action that is dependent on perception. The governing body here, then, is the subconscious mind- our inner child takes the wheel if, and only if, it has NOT been called to heal. It is only after the  integration of our inner child wounds that we can easily hear the refreshing voice of … More Trust


Play is an action inspired from the vibrations of happiness, levity, innocence and confidence, to name a few. Its’ shadow side presents itself a distraction from negative emotion but ultimately manifests as a way of protecting a vulnerability. Either way, we should just play when when we feel positive and integrate when negative emotion prompts … More Play


We are damned if we express reactivity and damned if we don’t. Part of us hates that we react, part of us hates the shame of be seen as losing control, and part of us needs to tell someone to ‘fuck off!’ The truth is that our ego is not the enemy here. There is … More Reactivity