Rejection is simply the act of communicating an acknowledged incompatibility. We fear rejection only when it triggers our feelings of insecurity inside. If we feel panicked at the thought of rejection, we are being called to understand emotions centered around the thought “I’m not good enough.” Advertisements


Trust is an action that is dependent on perception. The governing body here, then, is the subconscious mind- our inner child takes the wheel if, and only if, it has NOT been called to heal. It is only after the  integration of our inner child wounds that we can easily hear the refreshing voice of … More Trust


Do we respond to our external word or is our external world responding to us? If the latter be true, it would be futile to try to control all that is around a us (i.e. people, circumstances, finances). We would have to take a close look at our internal reality and toss the magnets inside … More Responding