Persistence, in the truest sense, is an act of power and courage. It is an action inspired by light, love, joy and hope. It is the thing we embody INTENTIONALLY when the mud kicks up in our respective puddles in life, and is the thing we do INSTINCTIVELY as a beautiful act of self-love and … More Persistence

Are you afraid of rejection? (How to solve this problem!)

Imagine that you FINALLY get the opportunity to ask the man of your dreams out on a date. You want to say “Fuck it! You only live once!” but your fear of rejection paralyzes you in mid-stride! Now, rewind a minute to the time when you began the tedious endeavor of setting up this momentous … More Are you afraid of rejection? (How to solve this problem!)


It is said that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Often times we don’t realize that this is most important when both the admired and the beholder are both you! Admire your own beauty first and everyone else’s eyes will follow!


Sometimes we are just not there, but we can inch our way there with truth. As we admit where we are, we can see the steps to move in the direction of genuinely loving ourselves.


We often can’t even identify what we are feeling In the moment. We resort to saying we feel “blah” or even “ugh.” But when we identify an emotion, we are acknowledging and validating ourselves first! In essence, we are being compassionate with ourselves in a way that no other can be for us.